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Advertise on 3X Text Ad Advertising Network

Promote your web site here at 3X Text Ad Advertising. With 3X Text Ad Advertising, we are providing you with a special package so that you can promote your product or web site for a very reasonable price at our website and our network sites.

At this moment your ads will be displayed on these websites: Our AdBoard, 3x Advertising Solutions, TheSoloList.xyzViralAdz Starting Point, 3xTad and hundreds of other pages.

ATTENTION!!! For a limited time I have a cool offer for you. Please read carefully before making your option. Choose the "SUPER Advertising Package for $99" and get these benefits:
  • 1. I will send your ad to 30,000 members - one time.
  • 2. I will create a banner for your URL/program/website and give it 5,000,000 banner views.
  • 3. Create an account @ my other website ViralAdz.net. I will upgrade your account for free (normal price is $27 per year). This only works for new accounts.
  • 4. Your URL will be added on various places on my sites. Your URL will get at least 100,000 GUARANTEED visitors.
  • 5. A discounted price for an upgrade @ my other website 5x3.xyz. Normal price is $67 per year but you will get the PRO upgrade for 1 year FOR FREE - includes unlimited banner views.
  • 6. Create an account @ my other website 3xTad.com and I will upgrade it for you and give you 1 million banner displays and 1 million text ad displays.

I also accept payments by Wise, Skrill or crypto: BTC, ADA Cardano, LTC, etc. Contact support (see left menu) for other info.

You may also want to test our network. You can do so by selecting the Test package - only 50 cents/7 day or just get a free text ad for ONE FULL YEAR here.

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